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Born London, lives and works in Chichester, West Sussex.
Former Associate member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers.
Director of ‘Artel’ 2008-2009
Chair of ‘Artel’ 2009-2011
Art Education
2002- 2007   University of Chichester BA (Hons) Fine Art
Selected Exhibitions
Feb    2024                 Terra Firma, Ox Gallery, Chichester
May    2023                 Open Studios

Aug    2022.                Selected for National Open Exhibition  Ox gallery Chichester
July    2022                "Lockgate 200" The Oxmarket
May    2021.              
Arundel gallery trail Victoria Institute
May   2020                Knockdown Lockdown Exhibition Ox Gallery
Aug.   2019                "Fragment " Artel The Oxmarket
Aug.   2019.               Arundel GalleryTrail, Arundel youth Club
Aug.   2018.               Arundel Galley trail, Arundel Youth Club.
Aug    2018.               Elemental Artel The Oxmarket Chichester
Jan     2018                National Society exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook Church, London
Sept   2017                Titanic Exhibition, curated by Sharon Michi-Kunsunoki Chilgrove
May    2017                Ceramic works in collaboration with Canine partners Textile Art Challenge
Aug    2016                Source  "Artel" The Oxmarket Chichester
Dec    2015                Work selected for N.O.A stand Harrowgate International Visual Arts
July    2015                Traces and Places, Candida Stevens Fine Art gallery, Chichester
July    2015                National Society Annual Exhibition, The Menier Gallery, London.
June   2015                Possession, ‘Artel’, The Guildhall Priory Park, Chichester
Dec    2014                The Impact of War, curated by Sharon Michi-Kusunoki, Chilgrove                   June   2014                Open Studios Pothooks Farm, Fishbourne
June   2014                Raw, with Artel Guildhall, Priory Park Chichester  
May    2013               Traces, with Artel, St John’s Church, Chichester
June   2011                Prelude with ‘Artel’  The Guildhall, Priory Park, Chichester    
April    2011               The National Society Annual Exhibition, The Crypt, St Martin in the Fields,     March 2011                Conversations,with Artel The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant
Nov     2010                Installation at The Surrealist Conference, West Dean College nr. Chichester
July     2010                Blake’s Heaven, with Artel The Guildhall, Priory Park, Chichester,  
March 2010                Creative Impulses,  Sussex Barn               Gallery, West Dean, nr. Chichester
July     2009                Art in Window, with Artel as part of the Chichester Festivities
March 2010                Competition, Oxmarket Centre of Arts,  Chichester, 
July     2008                Traverse Transept, with Artel Chichester Cathedral, Chichester
May    2007                 Degree Show, University of Chichester 
May 2024                    Shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

May 2020                    2nd Prize,  Knockdown Lockdown  exhibition Ox gallery
July  2015                    Winner of the Sculpture Prize, awarded by the National Society of   Painters                                     and Printmakers  .
May 2007                   "Ceramics Review’ Magazine: Profile of my work with two other artists 
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